Other Applications

Clean embossing dies : rubber or plastic molds, steel stamps, engravings
Hone cutting tool edges: high speed or tungsten carbide.
Blend in discoloration: On brazing dissimilar metals together.
Blend in grinder flaws: precision parts, drills, reamers, broaches taps.
Roughen metal: Prepare and improve surface for bonding or rubber, Teflon, enamel, etc.
Stress relieving: Peening.
Investment castings: Blast ceramic or stone from cavities.
Armatures: clean varnish from slots.
Extrusion dies: Restore corrupted die in minimum time.
Cleaning of scale and grime from water meters.
Cleaning of electrical parts.
To blast clean the surface of FLOOR TILES, SLATES, SAND STONE, MARBLE CHIPS for proper bonding with surface.
Creating DESIGN, SURFACE ETCHING & ENGRAVING on different types of stones.
Portability of machine helps it for cleaning huge monuments in a very less time.
Tomb stone engraving, cleaning of dirt and grime of stone building.
Site blasting of huge components like heavy structure, tanks, pressure vessels, bridges, towers, pipes etc. prior to repainting.
DESCALING, DEBURRING & DEFLASHING of forged and diecast components.
Quite useful for overhauling, general maintenance and repair work in cement, chemical & gas plants.
Removal of heat treatment scale, corrosion, rusting, scale formation, welding flux, carbon & miliscale in steel components.
STEEL FABRICATION can be de-scaled after welding or de-rusted, ready for painting on site using different media depending on finish required.
Blast cleaning to remove scale, corrosion rust & paint from deck, hulls & super structure etc
Widely used in Handicraft Industries to give new look to Metal as well as Wooden items.