Models: PB-9182 / PB-12090 /PB-150120

Pressure blaster works on the direct pressure principle of blasting. The pressure blaster produces high abrasive velocity which results in completing the job at a faster rate. A pressure vessel, directly bolted below a hopper of a cabinet, has automatic abrasive refilling arrangement. A tubular fabric bag dust collector, with generous filter area is attached with the cabinet as standard feature for high efficiency of dust collection. A manual shaker is also provided for rigorous shaking. The pressure blaster is recommended for fast cleaning, removal of heavy rust and corrosion using coarse abrasives. It is most suitable for etching the surface needed for rubber lining, FRP lining and metal spraying. Castings and forgings are cleaned speedily. Blast pressure can be controlled from 30 to 90 psig. Almost all types of coarse and medium sized abrasives can be used depending on the application.