How it works
The system of P-15R machines is shown here in diagrammatic cross-section. The arrows marked in green indicate abrasive flow from an abrasive tank which is a pressure vessel, to blast guns and its return via vacuum hose to th



Blast cleaning with vacuum blasters has proceeded to be novel and highly effective method of cleaning ship decks prior to applying protective coatings, without stopping other work on board. Likewise, shot peening is a solution to retard stress corro



It is a small handy blasting tool for light work, touch-up cleaning and maintenance jobs. It does blasting in dust free conditions. Unit weight: 3.5 kg. abrasive charges: 1.8 kg. total weights: 5.3 kg. No special skill is required to operate the mac



VSA 2 is a continuous operating grit blasting machine in which abrasive is automatically recovered after impacting the surface. It is powered by only compressed air and needs no electricity. Hence it is suitable for site work. It removes light paint



The blasting is accomplished manually by holding the gun against the work surface, which is fairly straight. The equipment being closed circuit, the spent abrasive is sucked due to vacuum created and cycled into pressure generator after passing thro