For Aviation Industries

Shot peening is a cold mechanical process or technique to improve the fatigue strength of substance by air blasting with small spherical balls. Small dimples are formed on the surface of the peening part by the striking of tiny spherical balls.

For Hydro Power Generation

This is a Shot Peening cabinet, with an acoustical enclosure and 6 axes industrial robot for Shot Peening of turbine blades. The machine is fully programmable. A turn table interpolates with the industrial robot and provides 7 an adjustable axis.

The automated shot peening acoustical enclosure with 6 axes industrial robots located outside the cabinet with rotary head is used for internal peening of aircraft components. The machine is fully programmable and operates in auto mode.

The mechanical nozzle reciprocation system with programmed automation enhances the fatigue life of rock drills. In order to achieve uniform shot peening intensity and finish, it is essential that shots are periodically classified for shape also.

Airless Shot Peening Machine for Springs

The machine is fully automatic. The operator has to place the coil springs over the adjustable leaner rollers on which it rotates and moves forward. The springs enter in the cabinet where a pair of wheels shot peen the coil springs.

For Submersible Pump Casing

The Submersible pump casing is one of the most critical components. This component is copper alloy as a best conductor in electricity and requires special surface finishing treatment for de-scaling and de-burring operation to remove scale and rounding of sharp corners …

For Gas Turbine Blades

Robotic shot peening machine For Gas Turbine Blades. The robotic automatic shot peening system for peening of precision gas turbine engine components like discs etc…