Shot Blasting is a surface finishing method that prevents metal fatigue or cracking as well as for cleaning and surface hardening. In this method, role of shot is to remove impurities, rust, scattered pieces of rubbish or remains that may affect metal strength. It is environment friendly and a rapid, cost effective surface finishing method which is used for cleaning, polishing metal and other surface by applying high speed stream of shots.

Shot Blasting also has multiple uses wherein it can remove hard scrapes, scales and burrs, being an excellent source of rust remover. Since it does effectively clean surface corrosion that may interfere with the part’s integrity, blasting becomes a reliable approach to surface treatment. Whether it is surface preparation for coating or removing harsh contaminants off the material, shot blasting provides the best result and a suave surface profile that increases surface life and coating firmness.

Shot blasting is a specially designed process for surface finishing where small metals or mineral pellets also referred to as blast media are blasted onto the surface at an incredibly high speed that can range from 200 to 800 feet per second. The impact the blast media has on the surface due to this process is what gives the desired effect of perfect surface finishing.